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Popter's GameMaster Application

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1Popter's GameMaster Application Empty Popter's GameMaster Application on Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:45 pm


Name: Alex Martel

IGN: Popter


Age: 16

Timezone: GMT -4

How frequently are you on? I will play pretty much every day for a few hours, I am an on and off player

What skills do you have? I have been a Gm in an old v75 private server called UntoldStory

Why do you want this position? I would like this position so that I can help out the server, make sure it stays in a good environment for players to play freely

Tell me about your experience in MapleStory as well as your experience in the position you're applying for:
I have played MapleStory for about 5 years, 4 years in GMS and about a year know in private servers, I do know most good event maps and where to train.

How dedicated are you? There are many different ways someone can be dedicated, they can be active, they can be helpfull, they can also can report good or bad advise, I'd like to think of myself as one of those types of players.

Why should we choose you? You should choose me because I have alot of knowledge about this server and can easily help anyone with there problems.

Final words: Truthfullness is a key factor.

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2Popter's GameMaster Application Empty Re: Popter's GameMaster Application on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:14 pm


Not bad :3. btw its GMT-4 not GTM :3 it stand for Greenwich Mean Time -4 hours. which would be o3o uhh eastcoast me thinks.

Good Luck. -hands a burrito- it has meat and cheese :3

3Popter's GameMaster Application Empty Re: Popter's GameMaster Application on Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:44 pm


Popter. Alex.

Someone has been active and helpful.
Alex is one of the players back then during closed beta.
He guided me through when i just started this server and willing to share his items.(So far, Idaresay, I have train more than 10 players for more than 2 rb each. So if in the 1st place, Alex did not help me. I doubt i can manage to help those players too.)

Without any doubt, he do have the knowledge and character traits of being a GM.
From past experiences, he is able to comfort and entertain the players when the server crashed and all the GMs are away. I guess thats what we call leadership then.

He is that kind of person that who knows how to socialize with others and able to break ice between you and him.

Alex is also quite straight forward, he will just say how he feels. I know sometimes truth maybe hurtful and cause animosity towards him. Sometimes, most people will find the easier way out as their truth. For example: Early 1900, everyone thinks that human cant fly but not for Wright brothers. They just laughed at both of them but at the end, Wright brothers changed the history and "Human can fly" became the truth.

One last thing I like about Alex is he have the ability to analysis situations. Finding facts from both side, getting the truth and make the right decision by knowing what is right and wrong.

Honestly, I see no reason he will be rejected. Unless there's no need for new gm for now.(k. my joke is not funny)

To some people who knows me well, I do not support anyone w/o any valid reason or cause. A person for a GM position may affect the popularity of the server and for that, i willing to bet on alex for the future of the server.

Wishing all the best to alex
Happy Mapling

4Popter's GameMaster Application Empty Re: Popter's GameMaster Application on Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:04 pm


Declined. There is very little detail. The replies have more detail than the original app. I ask that if you wish to try and become a GM, you put far more effort into your Q&A. 1 short sentence won't cut it.

You are allowed to fill out another app, but please put more effort into it. There's no rush.

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